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Discomfort Creative Agency is a multi-disciplinary design, marketing and product development consultancy. Our sole purpose is to boost sales and revenue for our clients. How do we do it? By taking your existing and would-be customers out of their comfort zone, and giving them an unforgettable experience that moves them to act. This implicit action translates into real sales, revenue, and gains in market share.

Discomfort Creative’s clients rely on us to move their products and services beyond the competitive noise and other obstacles to greater success. Our strength is our ability to create that stimulating experience for the consumer and your brand, marrying the familiar with the unfamiliar, giving them something new, real and tangible that they absolutely must have.

We draw on our expertise, creativity and passion for innovation to help you sell more products. From old-school print and direct mail to brand placement and events, SEO and social media marketing, we deliver all types of marketing assets. We redesign products for greater customer appeal, and build applications and software to execute or track the performance of your campaigns; we can even help develop your 2-5 year marketing plan. As your trusted partner, we deliver the opportunities and results you need to grow your business.

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Advertising builds greater credibility for your brand, helps you reach new customers, and influence existing customers through each step of the buying cycle. It amplifies everything you are doing and gets consumers to remember you.

Product Development

By recognizing what is at the core of your product, and understanding how it defines us as humans, you can deliver fresh new concepts that captivate and engage your audience; concepts that are worthy of the market share your product rightfully deserves.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is powerful and should be respectably added to your marketing mix. It increases your digital footprint, raises your company profile, affects your search engine placement, exposes your product mix, and ultimately, generates more sales.


Permanently improve your search engine rankings with an SEO campaign. Let customers find you quickly and easily. Depending on the product, keyword and other important factors, we guarantee results—at least a 50% ROI.

Brand Development

When consumers trust your brand, you are the first one they call upon when they seek a solution your product is known to offer. This level of brand awareness and trust automatically impacts your bottom line and translates into residual income over time.

Content Development

Create content with purpose and intent, ensuring you tell the right story, and that you tell it well. A good story grabs your audience’s attention by pushing certain limits; use creativity in the form of unorthodox content to encourage them to buy.

Event & Experiential Marketing

Create your own box for you and your customers to think in. By giving them immersive experiences (real and tangible) that form memorable, emotional connections with your brand, they will repeatedly come back to you.

Software Development

From the back end to the user front end, we have got you covered. We build data-driven end-to-end solutions that meet your specific needs and deliver the best user experience all customers expect.

Strategy Development

Your business cannot afford not to innovate. Amplify your sales, inside and outside your core market by deploying strategies to help protect you from the future forces of disruptive innovation. We help you remain relevant in a shifting business landscape.