Leave the comfort zone. Enter the revenue zone.

People remember new things.

When they remember your brand, it means sales.

Company Background

Founded in 2014 as a division of Spray it, Uganda, Discomfort was established to develop art and graffiti solutions for clients seeking innovative approaches to stimulating visual marketing. Discomfort’s first project was a collaboration with the Ugandan government and the German charity Viva Con Agua, to bring awareness to the citizens and provide them direction for navigating a national water crisis.

What We Do

Today, Discomfort Creative Agency is a multi-disciplinary design, marketing, and product development consultancy. We develop unique solutions with disruptive value to help our clients access growth and new/emerging markets. We create products and solutions with staying power and high returns on investment (ROI), using high-impact visual, digital and technology solutions that we design and build. We strive to be the epitome of creative and innovative excellence, servicing a diverse portfolio of clients from our offices in the US, Nigeria and Uganda. Discomfort Creative Agency is registered as Discomfort Communications Ltd. in Nigeria (RC 1525016).

Discomfort Creative’s Mission

To harness the power of creativity as the primary instrument to help our clients achieve brand dominance.



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Social Media Marketing

Brand Development

Content Development

Event & Experiential Marketing

Software Development

Strategy Development