Press Release

Press Release: Discomfort Creative hosts first DC Africa Industry Meet in Lagos, Nigeria

August 29, 2018, Author: Discomfort Creative

In what has been described as a pleasant evening of learning new things and meeting new people, the first edition of DC Africa Industry Meet organized by Discomfort Creative Agency held on Friday, August 17, 2018 at The Waterside, Westwood Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos.

It was an exclusive cocktail event that hosted 100 esteemed guests – derived from business leaders, creative entrepreneurs, brand managers, and industry influencers – to a meet and greet, with the sole purpose of improving their businesses through modern product development, innovations in marketing and brand positioning.

“DC Africa Industry Meet simply provides an avenue for business owners and industry leaders to come learn interesting market insights and discover new ways of improving their businesses, whilst also networking and interacting with other business owners, and explore possibilities for collaboration and partnerships,” said Susan Ubochi, Marketing Director, Discomfort Creative.

Hertz K. Fauzan, CEO, Discomfort Creative Agency.

Discomfort Creative Agency is a company focused on creating unusual marketing and product development solutions for businesses, organizations and governments. With footprints already in the UK, USA, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and now Nigeria, they have been behind several marketing, design, product development and event activities for many brands and businesses in these countries.

Speaking about the idea behind the company, Hertz K. Fauzan, CEO of Discomfort Creative said, “At Discomfort Creative Agency we have a simple philosophy that you can never change, grow or flourish if your motivation comes from a place of comfort. This is why we use discomfort to fuel the creation of game-changing and results-oriented ideas. We take a brand’s target audience out of their comfort zone and get them to remember your brand. We give them a new experience which we then turn to sales for your business.”

Highlights of the DC Africa Industry Meet consisted of two company demo showcases which came as a surprise to both brands that were pre-selected by the organizers of the event. DSTV and ORÍKÌ Group were the brands selected; they had no idea about the demo showcase and were completely thrilled by the presentation and game-changing ideas shared by the Discomfort Creative team.

From Left, Kingsley Iweka, Susan Ubochi and Hertz K. Fauzan.

“Doing business in Nigeria and indeed anywhere else in the world is already challenging enough. As a creative agency we are here to ensure that creative solutions, effective marketing strategies, product development, and brand positioning are things that businesses and brands never have to worry about anymore,” said Kingsley Iweka, Director of Communications and Strategy at Discomfort Creative.

Guests at the event were also treated to great music from a live band, fine wine and cocktail drinks and an assortment of finger foods.

Discomfort Creative hopes to organize the DC Africa Industry Meet every quarter, as it looks to raise the bar for creative solutions delivery in Nigeria and across Africa.