The money is in the details.

We take weak products and make them better.

Product development

Discomfort Creative helps our clients take products from idea to reality; we also work with clients to reengineer products that are not performing optimally in the marketplace. From a simple design concept to the most complex sales cycle, we get in there, take a hard look at your product and everything associated with it, and come up with the best solution for producing it, tweaking it, marketing it and/or selling it.  We get it. By recognizing what is at the core of your product, and understanding how it defines us as humans, we are able to deliver fresh new concepts that captivate and engage; concepts that are worthy of capturing the market share your product rightfully deserves.

Components of Product Development

Product Analysis

We have a wide variety of tools and metrics at our disposal that we can use to analyze your product. After getting to know the intricacies of it, we will be able to make recommendations based on evidence. You’ll know what the best approach is going forward.


Sometimes just modernizing the appearance of a product or changing its name is enough to make a difference to your customers. We excel at rebranding products and have the marketing expertise to do it.

Marketing Strategies

If your product is struggling to get the sales it once had, it might be time to consider changing up the marketing strategy you’ve been using. We have a wide variety of advertising techniques and we can help you leverage the power of the Internet through SEO and social media marketing.


We can also help you redevelop your product if we decide that this process is necessary. We can do a full teardown or just pick specific elements to make sure you start making the amount of money you should be.

Why isn’t my product selling?

We’re the guys you call when you have a product idea but don’t know how to make it come to fruition. We’ll sit down with you and come up with a plan and make your dream a reality. We’ll also tell you if what you want to be done is impossible. When you work with us, we promise not to sugarcoat anything because we don’t want you throwing money into a black hole.

We’re the guys you call when you’re concerned about how your product is performing in the marketplace and you decide to sound the alarm. We get in there, take a hard look at your product and everything associated with it, and come up with a solution for it. And then you start making money.

In case you don’t know when to sound the alarm, here’s a list of situations in which you should contact us:

  • You see slow to no growth in sales. This is the ultimate indicator of a struggling product. If people aren’t buying, it may be time to rethink a few things.
  • You’re getting less business from top customers. This is a sign that your product is lacking or being replaced by something else.
  • You’re getting fewer inquiries from potential new customers. If new potential customers aren’t interested in your product, your product is definitely struggling.
  • Many customers are asking for product changes you can’t or don’t want to make. This is a sign that what you’re offering isn’t meeting the needs of consumers. It may be time to listen to them.
  • You’re facing increasing pressure to lower prices. Competing only on price isn’t anything anyone wants to do. It may be time to differentiate yourself.
    Your competitors are exiting. This may be a sign that the market is shrinking because no one exits a business that is growing. If prospects don’t look good for your market, people will leave.
  • You have a high turnover in your sales force. Salespeople like selling products that people want. If your product isn’t very good anymore, they’ll leave your company.

In summary, if you have noticed one or more of these trends with your product, you need to contact us today so we can get started making your product desirable to consumers again.