If they can’t find you online, they can’t buy from you.

Thousands of people every month are looking for your business online. They want to buy your product, but are they finding you?

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is best implemented with a long-term view, as good SEO, done correctly, takes time. Discomfort Creative does SEO the proper way, the first time, letting customers find you quickly and easily. We have a portfolio of proven SEO techniques that yield results, however, campaigns usually require 4-6 months for results to show. Our clients permanently improve their search engine rankings, and typically see a 50% ROI, minimum; some have achieved a 2,000% ROI. Depending on the product, keyword and other important factors, we guarantee results. We also guarantee that these results are always worth the wait.

Benefits of SEO

Low Cost

SEO is much cheaper than other forms of digital marketing. With a little bit of effort, you can get your business listed first organically and you don’t have to pay $15 dollars for each click.

Increase in Traffic

There are various analytics and reporting tools, and you’ll see an obvious increase in traffic. Traffic will increase at a steady rate and you will see a steady growth in your sales.

Better ROI

SEO shows a tremendous return on investment, which is often far superior to PPC and other campaigns. A typical SEO campaign returns at least a 50% ROI while some campaigns have seen upwards of 2,000% ROI if not more. If your business is not doing SEO, it should be.

Brand Credibility

Customers know when ads are being served to them because platforms always indicate that they’re sponsored content or just label them as an ad. When your brand appears organically on Google, your customers will instantly see it as more credible and view it as a market leader.

Permanent Results

No other marketing campaign has results that last as long as SEO. That’s because unlike an AdWords or Facebook campaign, SEO has no expiration date. Your business will always benefit from having a solid SEO campaign in place.

Access to Data

There are dozens of metrics available to track the success of your SEO campaign. It is much more easy to quantify than other forms of marketing. You will be able to track exactly how far your dollar has gone.

Why am I on page 9 of Google?

is not just about pleasing Google and the other search engines. Good SEO is about finding what your ideal customers are looking for and putting yourself in a position to be found.

It’s not easy. As customers’ tastes and preferences change, so do the search algorithms. Everything is becoming more complicated and the techniques needed to rank are becoming more sophisticated. Our team keeps on top of these changes so you benefit from them.

There are budget solutions offered by other companies which can be a quick-fix but in the end, they will hurt your business in the long run as Google may penalize your site and that will harm your business. We’re not about that. We do things the honest way.

Good SEO done right and correctly takes time. Campaigns usually take four to six months before the results start to show. SEO is something best done long term. We have a portfolio of techniques that get results and get things done the proper way.

If you’re ready for more clients to find you, contact us today and we’ll put you on the path to success.