Your business deserves to be remembered.
Our social media will make sure they never forget.

A Discomfort social media campaign means increased brand recognition and more sales.

Social media marketing

is an additional service we offer companies. Coupled with a robust SEO campaign, digital marketing will help your company build and strengthen your brand over time. We work on a variety of platforms and tailor digital marketing plans to suit your individual needs.

Your company needs to market digitally to raise brand awareness and ultimately acquire new customers. In marketing, it is said that 10% of people are in the market and looking to buy your product. 20% of people are aware of your product but need a little convincing. 20% of people need your product but are unaware that they need it. SEO helps get the first two groups. Social media marketing helps you reach the third.



Every company needs to be on Facebook. It is the world’s top social network and a strong presence is absolutely essential for any business. We will build you a strong following of potential customers.


There is no place better to show your brand’s personality online than through short quips on Twitter. We have strategies to reinforce your brand.

Google +

Google Plus provides tremendous SEO benefits for your portable toilet company. It will be a part of any digital marketing playbook.


Visually rich content is king on Instagram and companies have a unique branding opportunity available to them. We’ll make sure your brand stands out.


YouTube provides a great opportunity to viewers to engage with your brand. It may be a good idea to include YouTube in your marketing strategy.


No social network establishes professional credibility better than LinkedIn. We will help your business enhance its image in the industry.