Year in Review

DusuPay UK

DusuPay needed to bolster employee morale, boost client confidence, and improve investor relations. They wanted to show everyone how far they had come after the success of both the Octopus and Remittance campaigns in 2017. Discomfort Creative Agency created this visual to just that. After this video was released, DusuPay received a $500 million dollar valuation. They were named the top company in the African startup boot camp. The West African market was opened shortly after this video was released and DusuPay is continuing to expand there.


Company: DusuPay UK

Art Director: Hertz Fauzan

Editor: Ronald David

Illustration: Matt Bahane

Asset Building: Hannington Hanz

Music: Audio Jungle

Footage: Shutterstock, 5Pond, Videezy, Pexels